I am always excited to stumble on to a new product on my walk about around the city of Dar es Salaam where I live. Today I walked into one of my favourite little grocery shops in Oysterbay called the Garden Market which always stocks really fresh vegetables and organic foods and I came across … Continue reading

The Global Alliance For Improved Nutrition launches the Marketplace for nutritious foods in Tanzania

Director of Gain,Agriculture and Nutrition, Bonnie MClafferty at the Tanzanian launch .   The Global Alliance for improved nutrition (GAIN) has recently launched the Marketplace for nutritious foods program inTanzania.The program provides a platform and an environment where entrepreneurs can start producing nutritious foods for communities. The Marketplace is a community of businesses;small, medium and … Continue reading

Tanzania secures significant market for honey in the US

Tanzania’s honey has secured a sizable chunk of the market in the US, for its honey.The honey will be sold under the brand “Tanzania Asali”. Honey from different parts of the country will now be easily identifiable with the introduction of barcodes. Tanzania is estimated to have 9.2 million types of bees,with a capacity of … Continue reading

Nelwa’s Gelato, Tanzania’s premium home made Ice-creams and Sorbets

Nelwa’s Gelato is a brand on the move  and one to watch out for on the Tanzanian market. Specializing in home made ice cream and sorbet, the 10 flavors stand out in look, texture and taste. The business initiated by Mercy Kitomari is a cottage industry but unlikely to stay that way for long, however, her passion … Continue reading

HoneyCare Africa (T) producing fine Tanzanian honey

HoneyCare Africa’s honey brands include Forest, Highland and Pure honey . This high quality Tanzanian honey is also blended with ginger and cinnamon for a unique exotic flavor . HoneyCare’s community program “Money for Honey” Program, has doubled the incomes of several thousand rural farmers in Tanzania. For more information click here  

Tanzanian Gourmet Chocolate

Chocolate mamas is an exciting brand to have on the Tanzania market and all their flavors are chocolicious. Additionally they are a business with a conscious. Read more about them on and above all …support.