Sustainable Charcoal Project in Kilosa

According to information gathered by National Forest Resources Monitoring and Assessment, Tanzania roughly consumes 50% more than the quantity of wood that nationally regrows every year. Thus, forests are being cleared faster than they can grow back. At the same time, it is estimated that biomass energy will remain to be Tanzania’s most important energy … Continue reading


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s capital city, is now the world’s ninth fastest growing city in terms of population and Africa’s third. With this rapid growth comes a serious waste management challenge. Dar es Salaam’s activities generate over 3,000 tonnes of waste every day, of which only 40% is being managed and dumped legally at the … Continue reading

Tanzania steps up efforts to curb marine pollution

  The Tanzanian government is working on regulations that will set standards to contain pollution from vessels operating in the country’s waters. The government has agreed on the ratification and implementation on pollution from ships MARPOL 73/78 which will be a strong guide in the document preparation. The regulations will include water vessel inspections for … Continue reading

Get involved on World Environment Day and beyond with Nipe Fagio

Come out and support your earth by thinking about your environment and supporting initiatives that are addressing the issues .Full program of activities below: 1) Spontaneous Performance in crowded areas of the city of Dar es Salaaon Wednesday 5/06/2013 A group of dancers will perform a small spontaneous dance/Harlem Shake followed by an awareness voice-spreading … Continue reading

World Environment Day “Trashed” and support an environmental cause

TRASHED …. A  hard hitting film that will make you rethink the way you deposit and look at Trash…all ticket sales of the film will go to Sea Sense flipflop recycling project on Mafia Island. A local Tanzanian project dedicated to cleaning our beautiful ocean. view the trailer at 

Sea Sense protecting endangered marine species in Tanzania

Sea Sense is an non governmental organisation working with coastal communities in Tanzania to protect endangered marine species. For more information click


Kinondoni Municipality is to build feeder roads of about 21 kilometers, in a move geared to reduce traffic flow in the city. The roads will be built under the Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Project, which has been designed to ensure that roads in Tanzania’s key commercial city are at bitumen level. The Deputy Minister … Continue reading


Advocate for safety on our roads and cycle lanes now!