Tanzanian Coffee in ASDA supermarket in the UK

This great coffee at a bargain price is sourced from the Bukoba district in Tanzania and made using roasted beans for a full, strong and lively flavour. Asda Extra Special coffee is 100% Fairtrade certified. This attractively labeled  ‘Extra Special Freeze Dried Instant ‘ coffee comes in a 100g packaging in a see through glass … Continue reading


  Wamama Kahawa Coffee Roasters Limited is a social business in Dar es Salaam which trains Tanzanian women whom have had no opportunity to access education or skills, to hand roast coffee beans grown in the various regions of Tanzania


Tanzania’s delicious aromatic coffee made from high quality robusta and arabica beans. For more information click http://africafecoffee.com

Tasty Tanzanian Teas

  A  tasty variety of Tanzanian teas and infusions . click link http://www.chaibora.com/index.html for more information

Rift valley gourmet coffees from Southern Tanzania

Delicious coffees coupled with a strong social and environmental agenda. Click this link

Dodoma Wine claiming its place on the wine list