Zimbabwe Play to stage at Nafasi Art Space Dar es Salaam

Rare and unique in its presentation and yet unequivocal in it’s mirroring of the moral decrepitude of man. “Lamentations @ 12”, is an emotionally and mentally aesthetic rich piece of work. Positioned through four epochs (1895 – 2015), “Lamentations @ 12”, gives us sight which makes us cringe as we journey through the eyes of innocence.

Through carefully crafted vignettes, our writer, director, actresses, technical team and choreographer bring to life, naked in rawness various epochs which society prefers to view through stormy and hazy lenses.

This one hour theatre piece is directed by Daves Guzha and features Gertrude Munhamo, Dalma Chiwereva, and Lewis Ndhlovu, of Zimbabwe.

“…a very unique one-hour presentation that is lit up by energetic folk dances and songs that give the production a rich element of cultural heritage…” (Sunday Mail, 21 August 2016)

“Munhamo takes audiences on a swinging journey of laughter and sorrow as she seeks to expose abuses that the girl child experiences in the society in different circumstances. …In addition to her writing debut, Munhamo stars in the production alongside talented Delma Chiwereva and the combination of their expertise on stage brings a complete package.” (Herald – Godwin Muzari)

Lamentations @ 12 will be staged at Nafasi Art Space on 26th January at 7pm

Source: Nafasi Art Space Newsletter


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