Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s capital city, is now the world’s ninth fastest growing city in terms of population and Africa’s third. With this rapid growth comes a serious waste management challenge.

Dar es Salaam’s activities generate over 3,000 tonnes of waste every day, of which only 40% is being managed and dumped legally at the Pugu Landfill on the city’s border. The remaining 60% is either burned, disposed of informally or illegally dumped into waterways causing a variety of health, economic and social related consequences.

The Recycler, a new comprehensive recycling company in Tanzania founded by Matthew Haden, is now offering professional waste management and recycling solutions for all waste streams in Tanzania. They specialize in separating all kinds of recyclable waste in order to process and trade it to domestic and international markets

The company focuses on On-site Waste Management for large companies where it offers the following:

  • On-site sorting by trained staff members
  • Waste reduction
  • General and Hazardous waste removal
  • Recycling material collection
  • Electronic monitoring of waste streams

The Recycler has also set up recycling collection points across the city for residents to drop off their material. These collection points can be found on their website at

In the future, the Recycler hopes to establish a buy-back center that will encourage and support the general public and informal collectors across Tanzania to collect and sell sorted recyclable material. This would mean working closer with informal collectors in order to provide them with equipment and training as well as help them expand to more types of recyclable material and ensure it has a market.

The Recycler is also putting together projects for electronic waste (e-waste) and organic waste. The company hopes to open an e-waste recycling facility in order to professionally manage electronic waste in the country and ensure that it is safely recycled or disposed of. Their organic waste projects include the potential for a large-scale bio-gas plant as well as a pilot project that will produce insect-derived protein from organic waste.


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